We published a new video this month for Summit County Powersports Rentals! They offer snowmobile, ATV and SXS rental vehicles to explore amazing trails and views around Colorado throughout the winter or summer! We were honored to help them design their logo and launch their website, but I must say, publishing videos for them has been the most fun!

We headed out to Vail Pass to film the whole process of unloading their vehicles, gearing up, and speeding over snow-covered trails as incredible views opened up around each turn. The week before had been pretty cloudy, and so we picked a day where the sun was planning to peek out through the clouds in order to really capture the views. We got lucky!

Summit County Powersports Rentals wanted a background hero video for their website that would give visitors a quick dose of inspiration, so we quickly delivered that and uploaded it to their website. We also provided new professional individual photos of their snowmobile and RZR vehicles, as well as a few shots in action.

Publishing Videos on YouTube

Sometimes first-time customers like to get an idea of what the trails are like, so we produced a feature video to publish on YouTube and embed on their Local Off-Road Trails Page. This winter video of Vail Pass complements their summer video of trails outside of Montezuma, offering customers a sneak-peek of their experience.

If you are looking to highlight your services in an exciting way, consider publishing videos on YouTube, Social Media and your Website that offer prospects and clients a preview of what it could be like to do business with you. Reach out and let us know if you are interested in exploring any Video Publishing Services, and we’d love to share how we work and see if it’s a good fit! 

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