Social Media

Social media is a driving force for building your company’s brand recognition and catalyzing new relationships. It is the eye catching draw that leads to your website and sales. We help you keep up with global trends, engagement, and consitent posting to make an impact and staying memorable!

Why Social?

Because everybody does it.

This is not a high school rationale that you tell your parents. 😉 However, the majority of individuals and companies are on social media, and so it’s pretty much expected that you have an intentional presence on Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and/or TikTok.

You can let prospects and customers get to know you better with behind the scenes clips, entertaining or educational reels, inspiring stories and more to build a following that keeps up with your business regularly.

It’s more valuable when your social media process is part of a larger marketing strategy. Keep reading to see how we do it at Breckenridge Marketing.


Social Media Strategy

Original content is so valuable. We believe you should look for the greatest impact possible from just one creation. That cornerstone content – whether it’s an article we help you write or a video we help you produce – can then become repurposed on all platforms, including social media. If you prefer social media as the starting point, then we make sure it is anchored on your main platforms, so it lives forever as an asset for searchable content.

Meet regularly with us to create a weekly, monthly, and quarterly marketing plan.

Know that your branding and personality is consistent for all posts, stories, and reels.

Ensure your new promotions and products are being featured well.

Receive weekly reports of followers and engagement.

You are the expert in your field, and we want to help you share that information with your prospects and clients. People choose to work with you because they like you, and so they do care about what you’re up to in life and business. We will help you learn to share these things in a way that is professional and connects authentically. 

Monthly Packages


Instagram Story (3)

Instagram/Facebook post (2)

Reels/TikTok (1)

Manage GMB and post weekly.

Monthly meeting to brainstorm content


Instagram Story (5)

Three to four elements included in newsletter

Instagram/Facebook Post (4)

Manage GMB and post 2x weekly.

Weekly meeting to brainstorm content


Instagram Story (7)

Instagram/Facebook post (5)

Reels/TikTok (3)

Manage GMB and post daily.

Weekly meeting to brainstorm content

Republish content on website or YouTube.