We build our client websites on WordPress, the leading website platform on the internet. You can enjoy the ability to design and customize the functionality of your site with the leader because the ecosystem of continuous open source improvements and upgrades, along with plugins and themes available, is unmatched.

You have the opportunity to continually enhance the look, feel and business process flows of your website which is usually one of the first impressions for doing business with your customers.

At Breckenridge Marketing, we also like to standardize on platforms because it allows us to deliver consistently, efficiently and with a deep knowledge base.

Years ago, we standardized on web hosting on wordpress.com because it is fast, reliable and puts you, our customer, in control. You don’t pay us. You do business with the makers of the software. WordPress.com, as a host, was speed tested as the fastest web host. Customers have support from the actual platform creators themselves rather than with a third-party disk space renter who does not know the technical issues you may encounter if your site is hacked, fails or has issues.

For example, if you went with a GoDaddy, you are responsible for the software, uptime, and any site attacks. You have to troubleshoot bad plugins, errant theme issues as well as any other technical underpinnings. You have to maintain the entire software install. You are simply renting space. If your website designer is placing you on their account, they want to control the IT and charge you with some small affiliate commissions they set up.

With WordPress.com you are doing business directly with the company, not us, for hosting. Furthermore, the WordPress.com support team can actually solve your technical issues, which could take hours at a time, and it frees you up to simply work your business. You can see the features that come with the business plan, which are quite lengthy.

This is another example of simplifying technology and focusing on business instead of IT issues, which does not have a payoff.

If you want to simplify your marketing systems setup, contact us today. We can help you with a simpler strategy that minimizes your downside and maximizes your business upside.

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