Fall is gorgeous in Breckenridge! As the Aspens begin to glow golden, it is almost impossible to stay indoors for long. Most locals have an obsession with hitting the trails each day as the foliage changes every single day!

town of breck fall
fall foliage breckenridge

Check out this awesome list from GoBreck for the best fall trails. (you’ll even find a couple photos of owner, Sonya Dalrymple and her family ūüėČ For mountain bikers, there is a whole web system of trails that you can find on MTB Project.¬†One of our social media marketers loves to Mountain Bike, so we will make sure she shares her favorite trails soon!

Jeep and ATV trails also cover hundreds of miles of adventure. Here are some of the top summer off-road trails which include Montezuma and Tiger Road.

You can also jump in a car and enjoy some long day-trips over Boreas Pass to Como or over Independence Pass to Aspen. Really, there are endless opportunities for fall foliage and beauty.

But if you are planning to visit Breckenridge or just get out for a day-hike, here are some of the local favorites that never seem to disappoint!

sawmill reservoir
sawmill reservoir 2

Sawmill Creek to BOEC Reservoir

Level: Easy
Length: 1.3 miles
Trailhead Parking: Parking is limited here at the 4 o’clock ski lift, but definitely try. Walk from town if you can. Also, if you prefer to just see the reservoir, without the hike, you can park at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center.¬†
Description and AllTrails Link: There was a time when I would try to hike this every single day. It’s the perfect trail for a lunch break or easy sunset hike. It is shaded, and follows the Sawmill Creek the entire way, with beautiful rushing water, bridges, and shade. Enjoy the loop around the lake before returning back. AllTrails Link.

Blue lakes
blue lakes 2

Blue Lakes

Level: Easy
Length: 0-2/3 miles
Trailhead/Parking: This incredible view can be accessed with a vehicle! Drive up two miles on a rugged road off Quandary Rd in Blue River
Description and AllTrails Link: AllTrails Link This is a great place to car camp, or build a fire (without the fireban) or enjoy a short hike or beautiful sunset. You can follow along the left side of this lower lake to a pretty waterfall. Or you can walk along the upper road to the upper blue lake. 

sapphire point
windy point

Sapphire Point and Windy Point

Level: Easy
Length: .6 miles (Sapphire Point) 1.5 miles (Windy Point)
Trailhead/Parking: Drive up Swan Mountain Road to access both of these easy hikes. Great picnic spots! Both trailheads are easy to see, but sometimes Sapphire Point lot gets full.
Description and AllTrails Link: These trails are flattish, easy trails that offer awesome views of Lake Dillon. Sapphire Point and Windy Point AllTrails.

lower mccullough gulch
mccullough gulch

Lower McCullough Gulch Trail (from HWY 9 across from Myla Rose)

Level: Easy/Moderate
Length: 2.4 miles
Trailhead/Parking: Easy parking in a public lot across the street from Myla Rose. Trail begins along the gravel road on the private drive. Take a left into the forest to continue up.
Description and AllTrails Link: This hike in Blue River is a perfect afternoon/evening hike. It’s a steady uphill walk up a rocky wide trail. When you get to McCullough Gulch Road, walk up to the stream, and you’ll see our favorite rock to enjoy a peaceful view of Quandary Mountain. If you walk a little further, you can cross the little “bridge” as pictured above to another rocky area with a great view. AllTrails Link.

mohawk lakes

Spruce Creek Trail to Mohawk Lakes

Level: Moderate/Difficult
Length: 2 – 8 miles
Trailhead/Parking: This trail is in Blue River, after turning onto Crown Road, and driving up a long dirt road. The Spruce Creek trailhead parking lot can fill up quickly, especially on the weekends, and so many people park alongside the road. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can drive up further along the rocky road to shorten the hike.¬†
Description and AllTrails Link: This hike is one of the best hikes in Summit County. If you park at the main trailhead, the beginning of the hike is very shaded, following closely beside¬†Spruce Creek at times. I call this the “pre-hike,” as it’s nothing spectacular, but definitely peaceful. After a couple miles, you begin to climb, and it’s a pretty consistent climb up to an old mine cabin with an overlook for a great landscape view.¬†You can take a quick side-trail from here to see Mayflower Lake, and definitely follow the signs to see the Lower Continental Falls. I usually just follow the falls as much as I can, as every section is magnificent and different. At some points, it feels like bouldering, but only do what feels comfortable, and veer to the left to a trail, whenever it feels too difficult. At the top of the falls, there will be another run-down structure, and then you will see the trail continue to the right of the structure, across a little (often dry) stream. Follow the trail a little further, and you will soon see Lower Mohawk Lake. There are several lakes past this one, so if you have time, hike with a friend, and see how far you can go! AllTrails Link.


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