People often think of marketing as something “extra” they have to do or pay for. Something in addition to their normal day-to-day operations in business. And while it’s true that strategic, intentional marketing can have great reward, we shouldn’t overlook the regular things we do every single day that “market” our business even more.

Here are a few things to invest in in your business:

Deliver an Exceptional Product or Service

Do you have an awesome product or service that people need or love?

If you do, it essentially markets itself by word of mouth.

Here are some examples:

  • Someone visits your restaurant and LOVES your food and decides to come back every week and bring their friends.
  • A new client gets a life-changing massage or physical therapy that allows them to workout again. When their friends see them, they ask how it was possible.
  • You sell clothing that is so comfortable and stylish, people never want to change. They share about you every time they get a compliment.
  • Someone visits your website and finds it super easy to navigate and buy/sign up for. It is just what they were looking for, and they can’t wait to tell others about it!
  • A family loves every minute living in the new kitchen you designed for them. Every time they have guests, they share about you and your business.

That’s the best marketing around. Deliver a great product or service that makes a substantial difference in someone’s life. It will market itself.

Be Human

How you treat every single person in your life really markets who you are and what you stand for. Since our business and personal lives are so blended these days, your reputation travels seamlessly.

Do you welcome every single individual naturally into your store, restaurant, office or email list? Do you make them feel comfortable and celebrated?

Are you truly interested in stepping in someone else’s shoes and helping them solve their problem? Are you kind?

Every single conversation, email, phone call, or text lets people know if you and your business are the real deal. Your tone and responsiveness communicate your professionalism and care and can set the foundation for great interactions and relationships. People like to do business with people they like, and so make it easy for people to like and trust you.


People are so busy and usually don’t know what they are asking for. They just know that they need some thing and hope you have the answer with your product or service. Make it easy for people to ask questions and share where they are coming from. Once you have enough information, show them how you can help and then lead them through the whole process.

Every time you remove confusion, stress, or frustration, you are marketing. You give people a great feeling and experience, and they want to tell others about it.

Surprise People

This is my favorite thing. I love being surprised with thoughtful gifts and experiences, and I love thinking about how to surprise others as well.

It doesn’t take much to surprise someone. Anything you do above and beyond is unexpected and a sweet surprise. Surprises are memorable, which is why it is the best marketing! In business, you can get super creative, thinking about your whole prospecting, sales, and service experience. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a thoughtful text to someone you just met with a link to a resource they might appreciate
  • Send a hand-written card to a prospect and the person who referred you with a bookmark or quote
  • Send a thank you email every time someone pays your invoice, encouraging them in their own life and business
  • Send a client a bottle of wine, specialty coffee, box of chocolate or flowers just because
  • Think through the packaging and unboxing experience if you ship products to customers. How can you make them feel like it’s their birthday or Christmas every time they receive something from you?

If you have all of these elements in place in your business, it makes it so much easier to “traditionally market” your business.

Social media, newsletters, articles on your website, video production, and advertising can broadcast your business to the masses and create intrigue, but what will really scale your business are the marketing elements inherent to your product and how you service your customers.

Make their day. Be memorable. And really care.




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