Join Our Team! 

Are you a talented digital marketer who wants to be part of a process-oriented, creative team? We are looking for team members that care about our customers’ brand, positioning and communications. Check out the opportunities below:

Digital Marketer

If you enjoy working on projects that help clients increase their traffic, brand awareness and growing digital assets, then consider joining our team as a digital marketer. In this role, you will work with the Breckenridge Marketing account manager to fulfill projects including:

  • Website design and development on
  • Newsletter design and creation on Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp
  • Managing tasks, deadlines and communications in Basecamp
  • Creating cascading content with original content in video or writing via syndication to social media platforms

You will learn new platforms quickly and work in sync with the account manager to gain insights about our clients’ customers and buying processes. You will help translate this into delivered publications and provide a high level of responsiveness and customer service.

Furthermore, you will help to analyze campaigns and communicate these regularly as part of any ongoing monthly marketing services.

As a Digital Marketer you are a learner and eager to understand how platforms drive engagement and conversion for new sales.

You enjoy people and what connects with them to compel them to take action.

As part of the Breckenridge Marketing team, you are proactive in managing your time and gaining clarity to deliver on client expectations. When you don’t know something you reach out to vendors, team members and clients.

You are a person who executes consistently and seeks to delight clients by the quality of marketing content and design you produce.

If you love marketing, conversion and technology, then feel free to apply below.


Newsletter Manager

Help our marketing clients stay top of mind by developing bi-weekly or monthly content. This role keeps on schedule for regular content creation around clients’ brand and personalized messaging to their customers and prospects. You must be organized and collaborative with clients to gather and create content which reflects their voice. You are also designing and laying out images, content and offers using email marketing software.

Your customer service and experience with communications, insightful understanding and execution provides monthly loyalty to retain clients ongoing. You are also collaborative with team members for IT and design. You like to research, figure out how to help clients attract their customers and monitor results to drive call to action engagements. If interested, please fill out the inquiry form below.


Social Media Marketer

We want to help grow our clients’ businesses through social marketing efforts. We are looking for someone with creativity and experience who cares about the real impact on a business’s bottom line. Can you help our clients create excitement and engagement on their social media platforms and grow their audience?

Do you have a background in photography, videography, or graphic design? Are you witty and naturally personable with captions? Do you care about hashtags and analytics? Do you have opinions about how best to use TikTok and YouTube shorts to help our clients? We’d love to connect! Please fill out the inquiry form below.

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