YouTube Marketing

We help launch and grow YouTube channels for businesses. Gabe has worked with many businesses to start their channels, and has over six years of experience with his own YouTube channels.

Businesses typically want to expand their reach onto YouTube for a couple different reasons. You may just want a place to have professionally hosted videos that you can link back to and easily share with your customer base. You may want to connect with existing and potential customers on a new level with videos. Or, you may just want to create videos to help promote your business. Whatever the case, we can help.

If you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet but are thinking about expanding onto the platform, we can help get you set up with a base for success, with channel setup, configuration, and aid in creating videos. If you have an existing channel you would like to grow, we can optimize your YouTube channel by analyzing existing videos and content, updating keywords for the best SEO, and editing descriptions and titles as necessary.

YouTube Editing

With over five years of experience working with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, we can aid you in creating the best possible content, no matter the purpose. Making quality videos can be difficult, from the setup, to the recording, editing, publishing, and optimizing. We can help create custom thumbnails for the videos you create, edit the videos if necessary, and publish to YouTube with good titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, and more.

If you’re just getting started with YouTube, we will help you edit and publish your first videos, and teach you efficient ways to put out content at the quality you want in order to put you in the position to continue making quality videos long after we’re done working to launch the channel.

Contact us today to learn more about our YouTube Marketing services and a free quote!

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